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The "Beauty Fit" waist trainer, the essential item of every woman!

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Product Description

The waist trainer Beauty Fit Esteem is perfect for training to maximize your results! Made of high quality hypoallergenic latex on the outside and cotton on the inside, it will increase your perspiration, tone your belly and make sure you eliminate toxins while offering total comfort. Wear it in the training room, doing your housework, or under your clothes every day!

  • Increases thermal activity and perspiration helping to eliminate toxins faster
  • Defines and sculpts your waistline
  • Tones your abdomen
  • Wear it while exercising or during your daily activities
  • Ideal as a postpartum sheath to regain its size
  • Helps with your posture and your back problems
  • Good back support for physical training
  • 3 rows of fasteners
  • Made of hypoallergenic latex on the outside and cotton on the inside for maximum comfort
  • Made in Colombia

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** Please make sure to consider your weight, your height as well as your waist size.

** If you are between XNUMX sizes, it is suggested to choose the bigger size.

44 reviews for Waist trainer "Beauty Fit"

  1. Brittany -

    The quality is very good! I am really impressed !! I tried them all! I have bought so many different size I love this one! It is great that this trainer has three rows because most only have two. I am sure they are not at their ideal goal weight yet. The fact that this waist trainer has three rows it will allow them to wear them to their goal weight!

  2. Line Perron -

    I love my sheath 'Beauty Fit', a superior quality, it is very comfortable, and in addition it gives me a good back support. I wear it to do my housework, to train and when I go out, it is perfect to hide these unsightly bulges. I highly recommend it.

  3. white -

    High quality sheath. Comfortable and gives excellent back support 👌
    I highly recommend it - (Beauty Fit)

  4. Valérie -

    I just love it !!!
    Even my posture is better !! She gives a very good back support and when I go out I have beautiful curves perfect with the Beauty fit !! Seriously no regrets of my purchase !!

  5. Angie -

    I feel confident, sleek and sexy when I'm wearing my Esteem waist trainer. It's wonderful and comfortable enough to wear everyday.

  6. Krista -

    The waist trainer "beauty fit" is a very high quality and amazing product! This one is extremely durable. Having suffered a severe back injury in the past I need the support to do my job as a tattooist and a mom of 2 young boys! I highly recommend this product for the price, you will not find it cheaper for the excellent quality. I wore this waist trainer almost every day for 6 Just bought my second and ordering my third 😉

  7. Christelle -

    Very good quality sheath, perfect to hide the beads and even abdominal apron. Invisible under the clothes I love it. Perfect for sharp as well, I confirm it. Hard to do without it.

  8. Laurence Jones -

    The best sheath I bought! The quality is just wow I hood ❤️ You need it!

  9. Vanessa -

    Notice to all skeptics: TRY IT IS ADOPT!
    The quality of this Waist Trainer is much better than most found on the market today!
    3 rows rather than 2, it fits our progress perfectly.
    I work on the road so 80% of sitting time and BeautyFit improves my posture a lot, I stand right and she
    Provides excellent back support during my workouts. Excellent purchase!

  10. Prescilla -

    I love the quality, it is even perfect to wear during training! After only a few days I saw a difference in toning my waist. It's worth it to order one!

  11. Sara Perron (Customer confirmed) -

    Very comfortable !!
    Help for the posture of the back and in addition gives a beautiful small size !!
    High quality I recommend it to all! 💜

  12. Vinnita Sum (Customer confirmed) -

    I previously bought this same type of product from another company and I can tell you that the quality of the Beauty Fit material is by far the best. Plus, it's super comfortable!

  13. nini (Customer confirmed) -

    I love this sheath 😊 I bought a second so it's comfortable and practical for both training and everyday work. I am proud to wear it! I highly recommend it 😊

  14. Marie-Pier -

    Wow, I just love my new sheath. Being seated all day, the sheath helps a lot to support my back and in addition, it gives a nice size to look for defined. The quality is numero 1 !!! I recommend this product to everyone 🙂

  15. Maggy1988 (Customer confirmed) -

    I am a customer more than satisfied with this product! I immediately fell in love with the quality of the sheath but also the look she gave me. Mother of a baby 6 month, I feel for once to find my silhouette before. I highly recommend it, in terms of the benefits it gives and the confidence it gives back. What about the service too! Very fast while sending it as messages sent to answer our questions! Thanks again !!!

  16. Jessie Pineault -

    I love my waisttrainer! I have the XS short torso and it suits me perfectly! Happy to have the opportunity to have an 2XS! 🙂 Excellent quality and good service!

  17. Vae_nessa -

    After only a few days I saw a difference. I love wearing my beautyfit because it is discreet under clothes and really comfortable. I train and work full time and I have no problem wearing it all day long! I also saw an improvement of my posture which is very important for me. I can not wait to take a smaller size and continue to refine my size even more!

  18. Katherine -

    I love this corset it has helped me conquer so many demons along my weightloss journey. It has accompanied me on the good and bad days, and believe me with extreme dieting theres alot of bad days. No matter what this corset always gives me confidence. I had 99 problems but my self consciousness was not one! Absolutely love love love ❤❤❤

  19. Charlene (Customer confirmed) -

    I'm at my second product here and I'm thrilled! Beauty Fit is clearly my favorite. She is comfortable and discreet. And the happiness of seeing my posture improve !! An impeccable service too, it is important to mention !!

  20. Andrea (Customer confirmed) -


  21. lydiapacl (Customer confirmed) -

    I loved this sheath is the best it makes disappear all the beads .. I love it so much that I ordered another. when I think that I spent a lot of money in other useless and useless sheaths, I could have kept this money to buy ESTEEM sleeves ... customer service at the top .. sheath well packaged ... remarkable delivery ... thanks to you 🙂

  22. Samantha (Customer confirmed) -

    I just love my waist trainer 😍 It gives me curves of hell, support very well my back and to my surprise do not make any unpleasant bourlet 🙂 without forgetting ultra confo 🙂

  23. Anick (Customer confirmed) -

    Excellent products
    Well and comfortable support

  24. Mélanie -

    Super acquisition❤️!
    I just had a baby! It helps me to keep a good posture, to make the little exercise that I can afford and more in my old clothes I have a more defined size thanks to this sheath !!
    I am really happy with the purchase and after-sales service!

    Go for it, ladies!

  25. Pineault (Customer confirmed) -

    Good quality product !!! Totally love the torso shorts!

  26. Vicky -

    I won the Beauty Fit sheath. At first I admit to being septic, but I start to train and I start to put my sheath regularly and I love it. She fucks perfectly and she is comfortable. It also helps to maintain good posture. I can not do without it !!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend it 🙂
    Thanks Esteem Slimwear 😀

  27. Emilie -

    I really appreciated their service, they are very flexible to meet their customers. Really a nice company feel free to encourage them !!

  28. France Renaud (Customer confirmed) -

    I tried other waist trays but I could not find that was my happiness. The Beauty Fit (short) is exactly what I was looking for. Extremely satisfied !!!

  29. Carolynne (Customer confirmed) -

    Hands down the most comfortable, affordable and stylish waist trainer I bought the short torso in extra small and it fits amazing! Trying to keep a bikini competitor, is a breeze with this product! 10 / 10 would recommend to anyone! ♡

  30. France (Customer confirmed) -

    I love so much my Beauty Fit "Waist Trainer" that I bought a second when I realized that I could squeeze even more my size !!! I have never done this for any other product. That's how I'm in love with my "waist trainer"

  31. Marie Eve Delorme (Customer confirmed) -

    I buy several sheaths in the past and receiving it, I roof immediately saw the quality of it! I love it 💙

  32. Emily -

    This is the best trainer I've ever worn. Super comfy and easy to wear all day. The shape of my waist has changed. 10 / 10 love it !!!

  33. Megan (Customer confirmed) -

    I absolutely LOVE my beauty fit! Noticed a change within a few days! Also did not take a long time to receive it after placing the order !! Will definitely be buying more!

  34. Rebecca (Customer confirmed) -

    I'm at my second and I love this product!
    Super comfortable and helps me keep a beautiful posture right! Super motivating to follow our progress and to see our size to be refined by changing size or size! I went to the last check XS, so it will take me the XXS! 😁

  35. Diane Brunet (Customer confirmed) -

    I love my waist trainer! It's my second year with esteemslimwear, I tried all kind of company but for me it's the best date! I always had big obliques (muscle) to my size but with the waist trainer I now have the small size that I wanted! I wear it 3-4 hours a day !!! I highly recommend it! 😊

  36. Melina -

    Best waist trainer ever! You really want the top quality? Get this one you will not regret

  37. Virginie Doré (Customer confirmed) -

    Ultra comfortable. Perfect for work and training. Quick results. I love him so much that I can not pass. This is the ideal for women 🤗 best invention !!!!

  38. DominiqueFitness (Customer confirmed) -

    The best quality, service and fit! Im an Esteem girl for life now! I HIGHLY recommend this product to your size and shape comfortably and efficiently! I always send my girls here for their trainers because I know the product is amazing! Ready to size down again! Shape shifting is fun!

  39. Alexandra Raymond -

    I have been wearing beauty in my posture. I wear it at work for 8-9 hours and it is very comfortable. I have worn it while training too and it is awesome and not stiff! Highly recommend!

  40. Cynthia Lee Ling -

    I love this product! Excellent quality, comfortable and incredible results!
    Plus, the customer service is great!

  41. Angela Gagné (Customer confirmed) -

    I love my beauty fit simply because it is comfortable, flexible and well structured!

  42. Marie-Eve Delorme (Customer confirmed) -

    The best Waist Trainer I bought !! So comfortable and a quality product. The results are fast. I can not do without it. At work, during my cardio, at the gym and just at home ... very comfortable.

  43. Sue (Customer confirmed) -

    The most comfortable, best waist trainer ever. very well made and durable
    I love the short torso option, fits me perfectly

  44. Kelly Goyer (Customer confirmed) -

    I will not do without it! I went from the broad to the medium in 1 months and a half by not changing anything of my food routine!

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