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The Waist Trainer

How to wear your new Waist trainer Esteem properly
It is very important for us to guide you well and to give you all the recommendations regarding the wearing of your waist trainer.

Just as you would a pair of shoes, it is important to break in your new waist trainer before you can wear it for an extended period of 1 hours. We recommend that you wear your waist trainer Esteem only one (2) hour the first day, then increase each day by one hour, until the maximum time, which is 6 to 6 consecutive hours per day. And it is only once you reach the XNUMX to XNUMX consecutive hours per day, that you will be able to wear it during your training sessions. We do not recommend to wear it more than XNUMX consecutive hours per day, do not wear while sleeping, this will avoid damage to the product and most importantly damage to your body. Like everything else in life, moderation is recommended, the same for your waist trainer.

Time for visible results may vary from one person to another. We have to consider many factors, such as genetics, food et physical activity. If you are active and take up healthy eating habit, you are more likely to see faster results than someone who is sedentary!

For women who wish to lose weight, the waist trainer is a very good complement, considering that the abdominal compression will make you feel fuller faster, which will help in lowering your food portions. Combining with exercises, you will sweat more and this will help eliminate toxins and burn fat tissues.

** It is VERY important to drink lots of water while wearing your waist trainer ‘Esteem’ to avoid dehydration. Our waist trainer is also excellent for women with back problems or if you simply need help to correct your posture.

** It is strongly recommended to take some days of rest from your waist trainer, because when you wear it, your back and abdominal muscles are more at rest, so when you go for a couple of days without wearing it, it gives your muscles a chance to contract and to keep their strength.