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Esteem Slimwear

From its history to yours

Stephanie Penta, entrepreneur in the soul and creator of the Esteem brand has not always had an easy journey. The intimidation followed her during a long period of her childhood and affected her on several aspects of her evolution as a young woman. When she became a mother of her 2 children, she realized that what she experienced could also happen to her daughters and that she probably will never be able to completely change the way others will act towards them, but that she had the power to work on their self-esteem so that they become beautiful young women strong and proud of who they are.

It was under this reflection that she developed her own brand of ESTEEM women's sheaths, in order to convey her message to as many women as possible. She knew that she was far from the first or the last who had a similar situation and that if she could share her message and positively change the way women see themselves, her mission was accomplished!

ESTEEM is more than just a brand, it's a movement! Together we will build a future filled with beautiful women who are confident and proud of who they are! It is now your turn to create your own story towards the success of the ESTEEM self.
Esteem Slimwear

From our Esteem to your esteem

To compare oneself, to judge oneself, to lower oneself, is the story of the past!

The ESTEEM brand's mission is to make you appreciate and bring out your true feminine beauty in you, which is your self-esteem. It is the combination of your qualities, your faults, your differences and how you perceive yourself as a woman. So we want each of you to learn to love and appreciate the woman you are and that you value her.

Feel beautiful, feel powerful, feel unbeatable and incomparable! ESTEEM self is the key that will reveal the real woman you are.